On this page, you can find resources for those who want to learn more about complexity, systems theory, and resilience. The content on this page is by no means exhaustive. I am hoping that the information you will find here will help you with your teaching and research. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Can we build disaster resilient communities? | Gregory Kopp | TEDxWesternU

A secret weapon for true disaster resilience | Lucie Ozanne | TEDxChristchurch

From disaster response to disaster prevention | Rachel Kyte | TEDxSendai (English)

Smart Disaster Recovery | Chamutal Afek Eitam | TEDxJaffa

What does resilience look like? | Abigail Eaton-Masters | TEDxBathUniversity

Sustainable Rebuilding Post Disaster | Bob Dixson | TEDxHerndon

Building Resilient Communities: A Moral Responsibility | Nick Tilsen | TEDxRapidCity


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Complexity Explorer by the Santa Fe Institute


Complexity Explained